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2021 reflection on employee training and workplace empowerment

Adiantes Company Limited, part of Northbaze Group AB (Publ.) (” Adiantes”) has successfully completed it’s comprehensive training and development plan for 2021 – further enhancing and strengthening the team within the company.

Providing adequate training opportunities remain a vital component in our long-term strategy. It engages our staff, gives them appropriate working tools, and helps them in their personal development. Access to training is a basic need for employees to develop and it rewards the company with capable and empowered staff.

In 2021 Adiantes focused on providing adequate training opportunities and on top of standard training modules, we focused on specific skill training to further enhance our specialized and skilled labor force.


NoTraining Courses (Factory)Target GroupIn HoursPeriod
1Environment Management Systems ISO 14001: 2015Internal auditors240Feb-21
2Advanced Microsoft ExcelSelected staff120Feb-21
3Chemical safety managementLine Leaders + staff120Mar-21
4Firefighting drills & safety evacuationAll selected staff480Apr-21
5Environmental awareness, safety & waste managementAll800Apr-21
6Quality awareness in productionProduction staff800Jul-Aug-21
7Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015Internal auditors600Aug-21
8Workplace safety & first aidAll selected reps90Sep-21
9Emergency evacuation trainingAll staff600Nov-21
10Quality control standardsQA/QC/Production160Dec-21
11Specific leather knowledgeSelected staff160Dec-21
NoTraining Courses (Head Office)Target GroupIn HoursPeriod
1Environment Management Systems ISO 14001: 2015Internal auditors80Feb-21
2Handmade leather bags workshopSelected staff240Feb-Mar-21
3Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015Internal auditors200Feb-21
4Upskill & reskill for new normalSelected staff5May-21
5TFRs for PAEs / NPAEsSelected staff10Jun-21
6Next-Generation Cloud & Cyber securityIT staff6Jun-21
7The benefit of BOI 2022 for businessSelected staff20Aug-21
8Women’s Empowerment Principles TrainingSelected staff40Oct-21
9Emergency Evacuation TrainingAll staff40Nov-21