Fair Production

Health and Safety

As a responsible business, we acknowledge our crucial role in shaping a more sustainable future. With over a decade of operation, we proudly hold ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to responsible production.

Adiantes actively advocates fair production, promoting positive social values, and fostering a sustainable environment for both workers and customers. Emphasizing our position as the leading manufacturer and exporter of leather products in Thailand, we prioritize responsible production practices aligned with the highest industry standards.

Workplace equality

Adiantes stands firm in its commitment to creating a secure and respectful workplace, prioritizing the well-being of all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious beliefs. Our non-discrimination policy actively safeguards workers’ rights, underscoring our dedication to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment.

Proudly upholding an equal opportunity setting, we prioritize gender-neutral pay to ensure fairness. Additionally, we actively promote and support the full participation and development of women, providing all employees with access to development tools. This empowers them to pursue various positions or leadership roles within our company, reflecting our dedication to responsible production and leadership in the leather goods manufacturing industry in Thailand.

We do not employ child or forced labor

Adiantes actively commits to preventing the employment of minors and any forced labor, both within the organization and its supply chain. Furthermore, all employed staff must adhere to the organization’s standard minimum age regulation, exceeding the local minimum age law in Thailand.

This commitment reflects our dedication to responsible production, asserting our leadership as the number one manufacturer and exporter of leather products in Thailand.


Human Right Approach,
Employment of people with disabilities

In our pursuit of fostering inclusivity, we actively refine our hiring processes, strategically prioritizing individuals with disabilities. Internally, we’ve set a target of at least 2% representation of workers with disabilities in our workforce. 

This commitment extends to ensuring equal rights, fair pay, and an inclusive working environment for everyone. Adiantes takes pride in being the number one manufacturer and exporter of leather products in Thailand, emphasizing our dedication to responsible production practices.

Drug-free workplace

Adiantes is committed to maintaining a fully drug-free workplace, ensuring a secure environment for all employees. Both our production and office spaces are designated as drug-free zones, subject to regular random checks in accordance with legal regulations and mutual agreements with employees. In case of a positive result, the company embraces a second-chance approach, providing support for rehabilitation rather than immediate consequences. However, employees caught a second time in random checks are released immediately, prioritizing the well-being of other employees and the company. Through continuous improvements and proactive measures, we have proudly achieved and maintained a 100% drug-free workplace since 2018, demonstrating our commitment to responsible production.


As a crucial element of our CSR strategy, Adiantes is devoted to delivering extensive training opportunities. This active engagement provides essential tools for our staff's professional development, fostering continuous growth. Access to training is recognized as a fundamental necessity, ensuring employee evolution and contributing to a skilled and empowered workforce. Adiantes consistently offers a diverse array of training programs, involving a significant portion of our employees.

Worker health and safety

“Adiantes actively advances chemical compliance to ensure workplace safety and occupational health. Annual safety audits by the Ministry of Labor in Thailand, as part of governmental departments, affirm our commitment to chemical compliance standards.

We systematically monitor potential hazards related to fire safety, chemical use, equipment safety, and occupational health. Policies and plans are implemented to prevent and reduce accidents. Our commitment includes reporting and suggesting improvement measures in accordance with occupational safety laws. We continuously review and enhance regulations and manuals to align with workplace safety standards.

A significant milestone in our environmental protection program was achieved with ISO 14001:2015 certification in March 2017. This certification underscores Adiantes’ dedication to optimizing operational and production procedures while minimizing environmental impact.

Furthermore, Adiantes and its products comply with EU REACH regulation (EC No. 1907/2007) and the RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC), restricting substances of very high concern (SVHC) in production. ISO 14001:2015 certification reflects our effective environmental management system. The company also adheres to international standards set by the European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).