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Adiantes launches its new strategy “Adiantes 2.0”

Adiantes 2.0 Strategy and Team

Adiantes Company Limited, part of Northbaze Group AB (Publ.) (” Adiantes”) has successfully completed its senior management team workshop and defined the strategic roadmap for the coming years. With its new 2022-2024 strategy and strategic roadmap named “Adiantes 2.0”, the company is devoted to enhancing its service and product offering.

The redefined strategy is focused on building valuable partnerships and providing peace of mind. Being customer centric and to be able to offer enhanced services to our customers’ is one of the main areas in the 2.0 strategy. Adiantes is continuously developing its partner network such as becoming a certified and licensed Apple MFi partner and manufacturer in February 2022. In addition to MFi, the company is also proud to be an certified and audited supplier to Sony, Fujifilm, Garmin and Phonak.

With over 4,800 hours spent on development and training last year, Adiantes is committed to further push this agenda together with our committed and talented staff. It’s a core belief at Adiantes that we are proud of having excellent talent working for us, empowering them to become leaders and influencers. We achieve this by creating an enjoyable working environment supported by clear communication, trust, and compassion. To employ exceptional people not only benefits the company performance, but also attracts equally talented professionals. The employees are the essence of Adiantes 2.0, and the team is the backbone with which we stand tall.

Adiantes is looking forward to further drive its development of its manufacturing capabilities, innovation process and to increase the value proposition to its partners and clients.