Our Work

Challenge us,
What’s your idea?

We’re the preferred international high quality leather accessory manufacturing partner since 1991. Now, as then, we believe in quality, design and the little details that make the big difference.

From idea to production, Adiantes is a one stop solution that guides from start to finish. Building valuable partnership and providing peace of mind.

Simplicity and Compassion

Adiantes is a one-stop-solution where our experienced and dedicated Project Managers will guide you through the process from idea to production.

Specialists and Quality

Our Industrial Design team will deliver creative and functional design concepts based on your needs. When you are satisfied with the design, our RnD department will sample the concepts making them ready for production.

Craftsmanship and Logistics

Being in the business since 1991 we have great experience in craftsmanship and handmade products. The Adiantes factory is in Sena, Thailand, and has the capacity to enable your full production all the way to shipment.

Sustainability, Integrity and Control

With being a manufacturer comes great responsibility. We care about the environment and our employees and thus we are holding related certificates and doing extensive CSR work.

Adiantes is a fully integrated private label and OEM manufacturing service.