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Northbaze Group announce MFi certification (Made for iphone, ipod, ipad and Apple Watch)

Adiantes Company Limited, part of Northbaze Group AB (Publ.) (” Adiantes”) has successfully enrolled to the MFi program by Apple, giving the company necessary insight to technical specifications and resources enhancing its product offering for new and existing clients.

Adiantes, a company producing accessories within the premium leather segment for accessories brands globally has expanded its business rapidly since 2019. Following its 2022-2024 strategic roadmap named “Adiantes 2.0”, the company is devoted to enhancing its service and product offering. By entering the MFi program and becoming an Apple MFi certified partner and manufacturer, the company will push the envelope on its innovation process and increase the value proposition to its customers.

Moreover, by being part of the MFi program, Adiantes will improve its capability to deliver Apple certified wired and wireless technologies that can be used in accessories with integrated MagSafe and Apple Watch charger modules.

Adiantes becomes only the second company in Thailand that has managed to achieve this certification. By being recognized as a MFi authorized manufacturer, Adiantes is further strengthening its presence as a global vendor of producing products within the mobile accessory market.

“With an estimated 1.5 billion active Apple devices globally, it’s important to be able to offer accessories to our clients that are fully certified to be used in Apple’s ecosystem. With this certification we have access to the full range of wireless- and wired technology that can be incorporated into the products we are producing. This is another very important milestone within our Adiantes 2.0 strategy and the continuation of a value focused process”, says Mauro Beck, CEO Adiantes Company Limited.

Adiantes will incorporate the use of the membership now and will offer products to its customers on a rolling basis.