Our Journey

Our Mission

At Adiantes, our dedication lies in crafting, producing, and marketing specialized sustainable OEM/ODM solutions, premium private label brands, small leather goods, and packaging solutions. 

As the leading manufacturer and exporter of leather products in Thailand, we take pride in being the number one choice for leather goods manufacturing. Our certification and audit credentials affirm our commitment to upholding the pinnacle of quality and innovation, serving renowned brands like Sony, Fujifilm, Garmin, Phonak, and many more.

Redefining the Way We Work

In 2017, we renewed our focus to create sustainable and long-term value despite the challenges of a rapidly changing environment. This commitment extended to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, emphasizing quality over quantity. We carefully assessed where our initiatives could yield the best possible impact for customers, partners, and employees.

Many of these activities fall under #fairproduction, sending a positive signal amid ongoing concerns about exploitations within working environments. We remain steadfast in our belief that a fair and socially responsible production environment cultivates company values, fostering engaged and empowered employees who deliver high-quality performances. This commitment ultimately provides value to our customers and partners.

At Adiantes we are proud of having excellent talent working for us.

How We Stand Out

There is a saying that a company can only be as good as its employees. However, individuals can truly excel when provided with purpose and meaning within a company, coupled with a relatable strategy and strong leadership.

At Adiantes, we take pride in our excellent talent pool, empowering individuals to evolve into leaders and influencers. Our commitment to fostering this growth involves creating an enjoyable working environment built on clear communication, trust, and compassion. Employing exceptional individuals not only enhances company performance but also attracts equally talented professionals. Motivation and drive stem from a content state of mind, coupled with professional fulfillment and recognition. Our employees are the essence of Adiantes, and the team forms the backbone that elevates us to greater heights.