Our Journey

Our Mission

Adiantes develop, manufacture, and sell specialized sustainable OEM/ODM solutions, premium private label brands, small leather goods and packaging solutions. The company is a certified and audited supplier to Sony, Fujifilm, Garmin, Phonak and many other prestigious brands.

Redefining the Way We Move

It was our renewed focus in 2017 to create sustainable and long-term value, despites the challenges of a fast and ever-changing environment. This included naturally also our CSR activities, with a clear emphasis of quality over quantity. We had to carefully evaluate where our initiatives could result in best possible impact, for customers, partners, and employees.

Many of these activities are marked under #fairproduction, to send a positive signal to all our stakeholders, at a time where we continue to hear and read about exploitations within working environments. It remains our conviction, that a fair and social production environment drives company values. It leads to engaged and empowered employees and returns high quality performances, which ultimately provide value to customers and partners.

At Adiantes we are proud of having excellent talent working for us

How We Stand Out

There is a saying that a company can only be as good as its employees. However, people can only be great if they are given purpose and meaning within a company, combined with a relatable strategy and solid leadership.

At Adiantes we are proud of having excellent talent working for us, empowering them to become leaders and influencers. We achieve this by creating an enjoyable working environment supported by clear communication, trust and compassion.

To employ exceptional people not only benefits company performance but also attracts equally talented professionals. Motivation and drive derive from a happy state of mind, and from professional fulfillment and recognition. The employees are the essence of Adiantes, and the team is the backbone with which we stand tall.