Fair Production

Health and Safety

We know that a responsible business can create a better world and a more sustainable future. Since we started our factory and production more than ten years ago, we’ve been ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. We are very proud of these certifications and is proof that we are working in the right direction. 

Adiantes drives fair production, positive social values as well as creating a sustainable environment for our workers and customer.

Workplace equality

Adiantes is committed to create a safe and respectful company for all employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs. We have established a non-discrimination policy that protects our workers’ rights, and we have the commitment to create an inclusive, empowering working environment. We are proud on having an equal opportunity environment for all our employees.

  • Our workplaces to provide equal pay for work / salary banding regardless of the employee’s gender.
  • We promote and encourage full participation, hiring and development of women in our workplace.
  • All employees have access to our development tools to enable them to pursue other positions or leadership roles in the company.

We do not employ child or forced labor

Adiantes actively makes sure that there is no employment of minors or any constellation of forced labor in the organization and supply chain. Moreover, all employed staff needs to be compliant with the organizations standard minimum age regulation that goes beyond the local minimum age law in Thailand.


Human Right Approach,
Employment of people with disabilities

As we are striving to be an inclusive company, we are actively working on improving our hiring processes. As part of our strategy, we are focusing on the employee pool of workers with disabilities. In terms of these qualified people, we have set an internal target of hiring at least 2% of our working pool with people that has disabilities.
We aim to provide everyone with the same rights, equal pay, and inclusive working environment.

Drug-free workplace

Adiantes aims to be a fully drug free workplace and we intend to provide a safe and drug free work environment for all our employees.
Our production and office environment are a drug free zone. Random checks are regularly performed, as per mutual agreement with employees and in accordance with legal regulations. The company practice a 2nd-chance approach with any employees caught and will support their rehabilitation, rather than immediately criminalize the person. However, employees caught a second time on random checks are immediately released as they endanger the well-being of other employees and the good of the company. Due to our continuous improvements and actions, we have achieved 100% drug-free workplace since 2018 until now.


Providing adequate training opportunities remains a vital component of our CSR strategy. It engages our staff, gives them the needed working tools, and helps them in their evolvement. Access to training is a basic need for employees to develop and it rewards the company with capable, empowered staff. The company continued to provide a wide range of training programs, involving most of our employees.

Worker health and safety

Adiantes actively works on developing the chemical compliance, so that workplace safety and occupational health procedures are always maintained. Chemical compliance is part of annual safety audits by the related governmental departments of the Ministry of Labor in Thailand.

  • We monitor potential hazards related to fire safety, chemical use, equipment safety and occupational health
  • We consider policies and plans for safety at work to prevent and reduce potential accidents.
  • Report and suggest measures or guidelines for improvements in accordance with the law on occupational safety
  • Reviewing and improving current regulations and manuals including the safety standards in the workplace.

Another milestone in the company’s environmental protection program was reached by achieving ISO 14001:2015 certification in March 2017. ISO 14001 relates to environmental management and how Adiantes can optimize operation- and production procedures while reducing environmental impact. By achieving compliance with this demanding standard, Adiantes clearly demonstrates that environmental sound practices are an integral part of how the company operates.

Adiantes and its manufactured goods are compliant with the EU REACH regulation (EC No. 1907/2007) and the RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC). Therefore, any substances, of very high concern (SVHC) are all restricted in the production of goods. Additionally, Adiantes is certified ISO 14001:2015, for its ability to manufacture products within an effective environmental Management System. Additionally, the company also comply with international standards set by European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).